Survey Results & Next Topic

First of all, thank you to everyone who signed up for email alerts! I’m excited about the response so far! I appreciate the time taken to answer the survey as well. As you can see in the results, there’s an overwhelming favorite topic: choosing a food. Dental health is in second place and understanding labwork is third.

I’m going to take time this weekend to make a trip to a local pet supply store to look over what’s actually out there for food. The sheer number of diets to choose from is an overwhelming prospect. Once I have a good idea about what’s out there, I’ll put together a post to help you sort through all of the options. That will be the first official topic that I cover here on the blog.

Discussing Dental Health will be a great opportunity for us to share some photos and tips about keeping your pets’ teeth clean. We have quite a few exciting new products to help keep teeth clean and breath fresh. I’ll tackle dental care after food.

Thanks again for subscribing to the blog! I’ll write more soon. Just for fun, here’s a photo of an otter eating a piece of carrot. (I have a colleague who is the dietitian for a zoo.)

DSC 0007


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  1. denise boucard

    I am so glad that you are going to look into the a dog foods available in pet stores. I have a senior golden retriever that has food allergies. I have him on a good, quality food now, but am always interested to know if there is something better out there.
    Thank you for creating this informative newsletter. I’m looking forward to reading them

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