Introduction to Dental Care Part 3 – Professional Work

Last week I covered home care for your pets. This week, I’ll delve into the work we do on the hospital side when a pet needs something more than brushing, chewing, or rinsing.

There are going to be pictures of nasty, gross, rotten teeth in this post. I’ve kept them all off the first page so that nobody is rudely surprised when they check in to the blog. If you’re interested in just the text, please leave a comment and I will send you the post without the photos.

The tl;dr version is this: Periodontal disease is a progressively worsening condition that creates chronic pain and can damage other organs, ultimately resulting in tooth loss and a shorter lifespan. There is a point at which periodontal disease can only be dealt with surgically. At that point, it’s more like a salvage procedure in which we try to save as many teeth as possible.

I will start by describing the 4 stages of periodontal disease. Then I’ll show a couple of interesting pictures that display common dental pathology. Lastly, I’ll cover the procedure we follow for a Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT).

Read on for the rest…


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