Introducing Our Staff

This week, I’d like to introduce you to the staff at Pet Authority. We’ve got quite a few new faces that have joined our team in the last six months, so I think it’s important to introduce them. I also want to make a point to mention the employees that have been with us for a long time. They’re incredibly dedicated professionals that contribute a tremendous amount to caring for clients and patients.

We have a large group photo and then two department photos to share.

Group2011In the group photo, from left to right:
Angela, Georgia, Lindsay, Diane, Jenn, Dr. Hutchinson, Jennifer, Jenny, Valerie, Fallon, Laurie, Sarah, Lisa, Dana, Dr. Williams, Dr. Wright, and Kelly. Two staff members (Renee and Renae) weren’t able to join us for the photos.

Angela is our Groomer — but that barely scratches the surface of what she can do with shampoo and scissors. Our patients look like a million bucks when Angela cares for them. If you haven’t seen her “Before and After” book at the front desk, take a look! It blows me away!

Our Boarding staff (Georgia and Renae) handle Pet Paradise Boarding. Georgia has been with Pet Authority for well over the 6 years I’ve worked there. Renae is a new employee for the boarding department, so we’ll have her photo later.

Reception2011Sarah, Dana, Kelly, Lisa, and Fallon are our receptionists (from left to right). They handle appointment scheduling, client check-ins, the greater share of the paperwork, the cashier stations, and over-the-counter sales. Dana, Kelly and Lisa have been with Pet Authority for over 7 years. Fallon is a new team member that we’re happy to have on board. The reception staff is a vital link between the doctors and clients. We rely on them to relay information to and from clients so that we can communicate in a timely way.

Techs2011Our Veterinary Technicians (from left to right) are Jenny, Diane, Jennifer, Jen, and Valerie. They contribute their skills as nurses, surgical assistants, dental hygienists, nurse anesthetists, medical assistants, behavior consultants, laboratory technicians, and much more. (They also babysit the doctors. We’re pretty spoiled to have this many techs doing so much to help us out.) Jen has been with us for 6 years. Valerie joined our team 2 years ago. Diane, Jenny, and Jennifer are newer (all within the last year) and have hit the ground running. Lindsay is a technician student that is doing her internship with us. She’s set to graduate from tech school in May 2011.

Laurie is our Practice Manager. She recently completed a long and difficult certification program to become a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager. There are less than 300 CVPMs in the whole country.

Dr. Barbara Wright has been with us for about 4 1/2 years. Dr. Gloria Williams is our practice owner. She’s celebrating the practice’s 30th anniversary this year. I’ve been with the hospital for about 6 1/2 years.

So that’s everyone! I’ll feature a particular employee from time to time so that you can get a better idea of who we are. I’ll also make a point to describe in more detail what the various departments’ responsibilities are within the hospital structure.

I realize that the veterinarians are the main focal point in the hospital, but the flat truth is that we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of the employees that keep the hospital up and running. In a lot of ways, the doctors have the easy part! I’m very proud of the team we have right now. It’s the best group of people I’ve worked with during my time at the hospital.



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2 responses to “Introducing Our Staff

  1. All true words of praise for the staff. I’ve been a client for 28 years, and the team has always come through for me! Kudos to all 🙂

  2. Thanks! It’s always great to hear that we’re taking good care of our clients. 🙂

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