The Bugs are Here!

I spent a lot of time out in the yard this weekend thanks to the nice weather. While I normally enjoy my time in the garden and doing yardwork, the mosquitos were beyond obnoxious! Hot humid weather is prime time for fleas, too. Bug season is here. If your pets aren’t on their monthly heartworm/intestinal parasite prevention and their flea/tick prevention, you’re overdue! Now is the time to get started so that you don’t have to combat a flea infestation or worry about heartworm disease.

A single bite from a mosquito is enough to transmit heartworm to a dog. Indoor and outdoor cats are at an equal level of risk for developing heartworm disease, as well. Seeing a single adult flea on your dog or cat represents about 5% of the population that is probably already in your home. (Yup, it’s disgusting! There are larva and cocoons and eggs in furniture, carpet, cracks in the floorboards, etc.) Ticks will be out looking for meals soon enough, as well. Ticks transmit a number of nasty diseases, including Lyme disease.

With the numerous readily available and effective preventive products, no pet should have to suffer through bites from fleas, ticks, flies, mosquitos, or ear mites.

Please ask questions if you’re not sure about the risk factors for your pet or if you’re uncertain which heartworm/intestinal parasite prevention is the best choice. The vast majority of our staff selects an oral heartworm/intestinal parasite tablet and a topical flea/tick product in combination to protect their dogs. Our cats are generally put on a topical heartworm/flea combo product. We’re very comfortable with the various options out there and would be happy to advise anyone about the available choices.

One last little, but important, warning: DO NOT use human insect repellent on your pets!! I’ve seen cases of eye damage, toxicity, and skin irritation from human products placed on pets. There are pet-friendly insect repellents available in addition to our topical prevention products.



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  1. Love Frontline Plus! We apply it to the hounds and border collie mix the first of every other month. 🙂
    Also use Heartguard Plus every 1st of the month. Gotta keep all those nasty pests away!

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