The Digital Age – Apps for Pets

I’d like to take a break this week from in-depth medical discussion. With the ever-increasing number of smartphones out there, the veterinary world is taking advantage of this technology. There are quite a high number of apps out there for veterinary students and professionals. There are also quite a few that are geared directly toward clients and other pet owners. I’m going to mention a few that I found on the iTunes store. This means, for course, that the apps are for iPhone and iOS 4. I did a quick scan of the web interface for the Android OS and found a huge list of veterinary apps there, too. I don’t have an Android-running phone, though, so I can’t speak for how well they work or if they’re worth the price. For both the iPhone and Android, there are lots of free apps out there!


This app is supported by advertising, but the interface is easy to use and quite extensive.

Reminder Apps


There are 2 apps that will help you remember to give your pet monthly heartworm prevention. Heartgard and the RemindMyPet apps both allow you to create an account and keep a list of your pets. You can enter reminders for all sorts of medications, from daily dosing to monthly preventatives.

Medical Information

PetVet is an informational app that helps you get some ideas about what might be wrong with a sick or injured pet. You can enter symptoms and get a list of possible problems that match those symptoms. I’m of mixed feelings on this sort of app, so please remember that this is just for information and education, NOT as a substitute for giving us a call or making an appointment.


There are first aid apps, apps for calculating the toxic dose of chocolate, hospital locator apps, and full textbooks. Most of the more technical apps have to be paid for.


If anyone has an app that they’ve found particularly useful, please share it in the comments!



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2 responses to “The Digital Age – Apps for Pets

  1. I don’t have an iPhone, but I do have an iPad. I’ll bet most of these apps are compatible there, as well 🙂

  2. That’s true! There should be a lot of apps in common.

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