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I’m going to take a few minutes today to update you on some changes we’re working on. I’m excited about the plans and I want to share them with the hope to get a little feedback.

Canine Massage

We’re still trying to get enough people to sign up for an evening class to learn how to massage dogs. There is a fee of $40, but you get a couple of hours of instruction in a very small class. We invited the massage therapist to give a demo at the Open House, and it was one of the most attended demos of the whole day. This is a great way to bond with a pet, not to mention the fact that the pets feel -great- after the work. If you’d like to participate, please give us a call to see when the next class is available. I think it’s well worth the money and the time to attend the class.

New VIP Club Replaces Wellness Plans

The Wellness Plans were great for the pets that fit into the plan, but there were quite a few who did not. With the changes in our vaccine strategy, too, the Wellness Plans just weren’t providing the value we wanted to provide for our clients. Even though the package brought about 20% savings, it was also a big lump sum for clients to put up front.

We launched the next evolution of the Wellness Plans this week. The Very Important Pet (VIP) Club is designed to provide a more flexible rewards program for our clients. You’ll save money on every visit, no matter what it’s for. It’s a far more simple program that will fit nearly all of our client and patient needs.

We’re still offering great discounts on 6 & 12 month purchases of Oral Heartworm and Flea/Tick prevention products for all clients. The 6-month ProHeart 6 injection is discounted as part of the VIP Club membership.

Extended Hours

Recognizing clients have busy schedules and less ability to take time off work to make it to the hospital during our open hours, we’re working on setting up some extended hours. Currently Monday is our latest day with appointments available until 6:30pm. We’re going to try to run a trial program with hours until 9pm on Wednesdays. We may also extend Monday until 9pm, and Friday until 6pm. Our opening time would not change (7:30am M-Fri). Saturdays will still be available from 9am to 1pm.

Web Page Features

We now offer the ability to fill out a New Client Form online! You can also download the form for printing or faxing to the hospital ahead of an appointment. The main web page is located here.

Pet Portals provide online access to your pet’s vaccine history, the ability to request medication refills or make appointments, and more. If you haven’t set up your Pet Portal or you’ve forgotten the password, just call the hospital so we can reset the password for you. You can upload pictures of your pets, print vaccine histories, and see when recommended care is due.

Health Care Tips can be found here. There are videos on administering medications and brushing teeth, as well as basic health care informational handouts.

We have a Facebook page, too. Check out the recent posts with the Halloween Costume Contest!

What can we do for YOU?

It’s very important for us to know what our clients’ needs are. If you have any suggestions about how the hospital can better serve your needs, please let us know! I’m eager to know if the later hours are something that appeals to clients.



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2 responses to “Hospital News

  1. Chris

    As a staunch supporter of the Wellness Plan, I look forward to details about the VIP Club. Extended hours will be very helpful to many clients, as well.
    Anything that enables us to take better care of our pets is most welcome!

    I’d love to take advantage of the massage class, but Ellie is dog-reactive at times; so I hesitate to put her into a class situation. We certainly don’t want to ruin it for everyone else. How big is the space where the class is held. I believe it’s a class of 10 dogs; is that right?

  2. stephanie

    I feel for you guys for the longer hours I know it can make for a long day but I know for us 1 late night is fantastic if you add more great but either way thanks a million for being you!

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