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Last weekend I was in California on a working vacation. Every year I visit the Barry Kirshner Wildlife Foundation in Durham, CA. The Kirshner Foundation is a wildlife sanctuary that houses exotic and wild animals. The center rehabs, accepts special medical cases, and performs a vital community outreach program to support conservation efforts. The facility houses a wide range of big cats, smaller wild cats, bears, haws/owls/parrots, and much more. When I visit, I aid the Foundation with all sorts of different things regarding the care and well-being of the resident animals. It gives me an opportunity to branch out and take on some challenges that exotic animal veterinary medicine always provides.

You can read about the Foundation here. I believe in the work they’re doing, and I wholeheartedly approve of the excellent medical care and basic care the Foundation provides these animals. Many of them are special needs – seizures, permanent damage from human interaction, wildlife rehab, etc. The sheer amount of community outreach the Foundation takes part in is wonderful, too.

I’ll post a couple of pictures showing some of the things I was up to last week. In the first, I’m holding a python. In the second, that lion cub needed to have her claws trimmed. She wasn’t happy about it at all. I learned that to soothe a cranky lion cub, you should hold them up in the air from behind and under the arms and gently rock them forward and back. It mimics having the lioness pick the cub up to move it. It worked like a charm and I was able to get all of the nails trimmed without incident.

Next week, I’ll be tackling the survey results and catching up some of our new readers.

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One response to “Barry Kirshner Wildlife Foundation

  1. Chris

    What a brave boy you are! I would have helped with the lion cub. No chance with the snake, though. Sounds like a wonderful trip 🙂 More power to you!

    Also, I’m wondering what happened to my subscription to your blog. They aren’t being sent to my email inbox anymore. Did you change the mechanics of how that works? I’ve got lots to catch up on, and so glad you didn’t abandon the blog!

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