News – Chronic Diseases in Pets

Banfield® Pet Hospital Releases State Of Pet Health 2012 Report, New Findings Reveal Chronic Diseases On The Rise

This article discusses the results of some analysis that Banfield (a corporate veterinary hospital chain) performed on their 2011 patient data. Banfield looked at five chronic diseases to identify trends in how owners perceive illness and the need for veterinary care for their pets. The five disease states were: overweight and obesity, arthritis, kidney disease, thyroid disease and heart disease.

Here are a few interesting details from the article:

• The report shows an increase in chronic diseases, but only 36 percent of dog owners and 28 percent of cat owners said they would take their pet to see a veterinarian to manage an existing disease or condition.

• Overweight and obesity increased 37 percent in dogs and 90 percent in cats, whereas arthritis increased 38 percent in dogs and 67 percent in cats.

• Despite the fact that there are more cats than dogs in the United States, Banfield treated 1.5 million more dogs than cats in 2011.

Banfield has a website for clients based on the report. You can look at that at this link.



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2 responses to “News – Chronic Diseases in Pets

  1. Chris

    It’s more important than ever to watch extra calories. It’s hard to argue with all this evidence. Do you think the gap in treatment for cats is because cats are better at hiding the fact that they don’t feel well?

  2. Partially, yes!

    I think that most cats also tend to be on autopilot for most of their younger lives. Later in life, they tend to have problems they can compensate for until things take a catastrophic turn.

    Research indicates that cats are such a pain to catch and get into the vet that people just don’t bring them in.

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