What would you like to know?

Last week, we scratched the surface (har har, couldn’t resist the pun!) of allergies in dogs and cats. While that’s a very timely topic for the summer months, I’m feeling the need to poll my regular readers to see what you’d like to learn about.

I’m very grateful for the high number of reads the blog gets on a daily basis. It’s both flattering and humbling to notice the fact that there are readers from around the world taking a look at the blog as they enter search terms and click links. Thank you!!

I’d like to get some feedback on what you’d like to learn about. Back in January, I put up a poll about topics. There are a few we haven’t covered yet, but they’re pretty in-depth topics that I’d rather not dig into unless folks are really sure they want the in-depth look.

Question book
This time around, the poll is very simple. Ask a question, get an answer! I’ll try to post answers frequently if they’re short and sweet. The big topics I may save for a Sunday or Thursday post. Please let me know what you’d like to know! Almost any question you have, even about your own pets, is one that everyone can benefit from hearing the answer to. Everything will be kept anonymous.

If you would like some hints or seeds for topics, I can provide. I’d rather have my readers inquire off the cuff. It should provide us with some great topics! I’m looking forward to the questions.

As a note about the next week or so. I will be out of town next Thursday (7/26) and next Sunday (7/29). I will try to post on Thursday, but Sunday will be a definite miss.

Thank you all for your continued support of the blog. It’s a lot of fun for me to write. I want to make sure I’m staying with topics that are of interest to you, so speak up!


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