Thursday News – Tasmanian Devils

We’ve talked a lot about cancer in the past few weeks. The many wicked faces of cancer is concern enough for pet owners. Thankfully, cancer isn’t a contagious disease…usually. Dogs can get a venereal tumor that is transmitted through sexual contact. Tasmanian devils are also being wiped out of their natural habitat by a type of cancer that is transmitted easily from one devil to another.

The Tasmanian tumors are aggressive. They grow quickly, and they’re disgustingly nasty. Most of the time, they grow on the face. They get so big that the devils can’t eat enough to stay alive. Metastasis to other organs, including the heart, is also very common.

There’s a great article here, with a video, talking more about the Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD).

Wikipedia also has an extensive article about DFTD. The wiki article includes a picture.


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