Aquarium Update

We’ve had a rough week a Pet Authority! Owners have, too. Between the food recalls and some heartbreaking cases, it just hasn’t been easy in any way. While I normally like to have a bigger topic for the Sunday posts, I’d like to make today laid back and relaxing. I haven’t updated the status of my aquarium in a while.

When I updated at the end of September last year, I’d had a fish die. Sadly, another one also got sick, so I euthanized it and sent it in for the pathologist to look over. Bear in mind that the cost of the pathology would have purchased about 25 new fish, but I was (and am!) determined to know what’s going on so I can appropriately treat and care for these fish. The report didn’t come back with anything conclusive. It did rule out a particularly nasty bacterial disease that would have forced me to totally tear down the tank and start over with fresh everything.

After some more research, I’ve decided that the few deaths I’ve had were the cause of old age. As I mentioned back in September, Cardinal Tetras only live 1 year in the wild. The fish I got were quite mature when I bought them. I think they were wild-caught and shipped near the end of their natural lives. The stress of travel and moving to a new tank can knock a fish pretty hard, so I believe that the whole chain of events led to their deaths. The rest of the Cardinal Tetras have done really well.

I can happily say that not only have I not lost any more fish, I’ve added to the stock.

I picked up 3 tiny little red freshwater shrimp a while back. Since then, they’ve bred so prolifically that I’m selling them back to the pet store! Every couple of weeks I scoop about 50 of the little critters out of the tank and turn them in. The store quarantines them for a little while before selling them, but they’re getting new homes. It’s like a tiny little army that zips around cleaning up debris and algae in the tank. It’s great! They’re fun to watch.

Cherry red shrimp 5

I also added a group of 6 Celestial Pearl Danios. These are great little fish from Southeast Asia. They’re a relatively new fish in the aquarium trade. They’re fairly active and bold, especially during feeding time. All 6 of this tiny school have grown and done well since arrival in the tank.

Danio margaritatus displaying males 2

Lastly, I added some nifty Red Ramshorn snails. They’re much like the shrimp in terms of breeding success. I’m taking bunches of those back to the store, too.

DSC00121 1

Now that everything is stable, I can kick back and enjoy the tank. It takes a couple hours’ work per week to keep everything running properly. My live plants have taken off like crazy, too. I did a little re-arranging last week after trimming everything down some. The layout is a little more open so everything can be seen, except the fish. They were very shy this morning.

20120224 fishtank

Late this summer, I’m going to start a new aquarium project. Stay tuned for that! The plan is to install a 150 gallon tank in my home office. I’ll do a photo journal of the whole process as I complete the steps. I have the tank, but a new stand needs to be built and I have to reinforce the floor in the part of the house I’m going to install it. (A tank that big with rocks and water and so on can weigh upwards of 1500 pounds.)

I hope everyone has a good week! Take a little extra time to cuddle or play with your pets. It’s worth it.



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7 responses to “Aquarium Update

  1. chris

    Wow, awesome blog and fantastic photos! We just populated our aquarium and are writing about our fishes’ adventures – feel free to check it out at 🙂 Best fishy-wishes.

  2. Sue and John Foster

    Thanks for the update and photos. Looking forward to hearing about the next chapter!

  3. Lisa Megiveron

    I think that this is so neat to hear about the aquariums! I look forward to hearing more about them in the future! 🙂

  4. I figured you’d be sick of hearing about the tanks by now! 😉 Thanks for the comment!

  5. I’ve got your blog bookmarked! Thanks for visiting here. The photos in today’s post weren’t mine, save for the last of the full tank. That’s legitimately my living room. 😉
    I was thinking about getting a pea puffer to help control my snails, but if they’re likely to be fin-nippy, I’m not going to torture my tetras and danios! Maybe a khuli loach instead.

  6. chris

    They might be okay with enough space and places to hide, but yes, from our singular experience, we can’t readily recommend them 🙂 Best of luck!

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