Thursday News – Wildlife Outreach?

A client sent me a video yesterday that’s likely to raise some strong emotions. I’ll let the story speak for itself. How do you feel about what’s happening?



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2 responses to “Thursday News – Wildlife Outreach?

  1. stephanie gordon

    having watched this clip it was amusing to see such large “cats” playing as if they were a house pet but an article posted today shows just how tragic a big “pet” can be. in cali. at a sanctuary one got loose and mauled a 24 yr old girl worker. it really makes you think twice.

  2. That death is tragic. :(. That’s the big risk, working with those cats, and folks know that the price for a mistake may be very very high. We have to balance environmental stewardship and the inherent risk of working with wild animals.

    You’re absolutely right, though. At no time can we ever allow ourselves to forget that these animals are not domesticated.

    Thanks for the comment!

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