Thursday News

Here’s a link to a great article by National Geographic about the ability to bring an extinct species back to life, and whether we should.

The notion of bringing vanished species back to life—some call it de-extinction—has hovered at the boundary between reality and science fiction for more than two decades, ever since novelist Michael Crichton unleashed the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park on the world. For most of that time the science of de-extinction has lagged far behind the fantasy. Celia’s clone is the closest that anyone has gotten to true de-extinction. Since witnessing those fleeting minutes of the clone’s life, Fernández-Arias, now the head of the government of Aragon’s Hunting, Fishing and Wetlands department, has been waiting for the moment when science would finally catch up, and humans might gain the ability to bring back an animal they had driven extinct.

“We are at that moment,” he told me.



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2 responses to “Thursday News

  1. It’s an interesting dilemma. If man caused the extinction of a species and now has the ability to bring it back, yes, let’s undo something we should never have done. If nature selected a species for extinction, perhaps we should just stay out of the mix. Maybe it’s just that simple.

  2. Ethically speaking, I absolutely agree with you. The hard part about bringing back a species that we made extinct is deciding if reintroduction would destabilize an ecosystem that has learned to exist without that particular animal. The impact on people will always be part of it, too. Thanks for the response! You brought up a very good point!

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