Thursday News – Pet Insurance

Today I’d like to share an article about pet insurance from The Detroit News about pet insurance. I wholeheartedly recommend that owners purchase insurance for their pets. It lets us take money out of the conversation when an illness or emergency happens.

Here’s the link to the story : Health Insurance for Pets Growing



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4 responses to “Thursday News – Pet Insurance

  1. Dan Kecskes

    You are100% right!
    Insurance is a must.
    Crackers has had insurance for the last 3+ years and it has saved us a lot of money.
    We are with the ASPCA and they are great.

  2. Thanks for the comment! It’s great to hear from clients with feedback about specific products. 🙂

  3. David

    Few things make me angrier than seeing a pet suffering with an illness that the owner can’t afford to treat. It’s one of those elementary questions, like, “Can you afford its vaccinations?”, or, “Do you have time to walk and train it?”, without which people shouldn’t be allowed to keep an animal in the first place. But I imagine you have even stronger opinions on the subject!

  4. I do have some strong opinions on the subject, yes. Sometimes there are circumstances outside the owner’s control that I don’t know about, so it’s hard to be in a position from which I can judge.

    The catch-22 is that if I voice an opinion strongly, I’d likely never see the client again, nor the pet. It shuts the door on -any- veterinary care for the pet…and the pets of whomever the yelled-at owner tells.

    Ultimately, the best I can do is educate about what appropriate care should be, and hope that people make reasonable decisions.

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