Every 13 or 17 years, an insect called a cicada will emerge from a long sleep underground. It’s actually part of their life cycle to remain dormant for that long of a time. While this summer’s brood will not hatch in Michigan, there are cicadas that emerge each year in addition to the really big broods that hatch every 17 years. These are the bugs that make that really, really loud and long buzzing/humming noise every summer. They typically emerge in April, May, and June.

This article explains that they’re mostly harmless to pets; not toxic, don’t bite.

If you happen to see one, they’re both interesting and grotesque all at once.


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  1. Note from Dr.H : My mom’s been a tremendous support to me through my whole schooling and career. And, like most moms, she doesn’t overlook an opportunity to talk about my childhood. (I think it makes up for all of the times kids embarrass moms.) So, it’s only fair that I approve her comment. Most of it, anyway. 😉

    Dr Hutch, please let me tell all of your blog readers how interested you were in insects when you were a little kid. Thank goodness he did admire and want to know about insects, but did not want to bring them home or take them out of their natural setting. -Mom

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