Daily Dental Care — Does It Really Help?

Clients often seem doubtful that brushing their pet’s teeth will actually do any good. I’m going to share a photo today from a patient that has benefitted greatly from having her teeth brushed. This is Abby, a sheltie about 6 years old. She gets her teeth brushed daily. Before the owner started to brush her teeth, there was quite a bit of tartar buildup along with some significant gingivitis. Now, there’s only a tiny bit of tartar on the teeth, and no gingivitis. By spending about 5-7 minutes a day, this owner has improved Abby’s oral health so much that we don’t need to put her under anesthesia to clean her teeth. The time and attention DOES make a difference!



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  1. Valerie Lewis

    I can testify to the benefits of brushing. Two of my dogs, at ages 8 and 10, had almost no tartar due to daily brushing since they were puppies.

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