A Quick Bite

A Quick Bite

The news was somewhat boring today, so I’ll throw out a few facts to jog your memory about flea control. We’re expecting an intense number of fleas this fall. Hot, humid weather allows them to breed in the shortest possible time. Flea prevention strategies are more important than ever!

A female flea can lay 50 eggs a day. By the end of one week, a single female flea has created 350 offspring.

Fleas can go from eggs to adults in as little as 21 days.

Immature fleas can lay dormant in a pupal (cocoon) stage for as long as a year before hatching.

So, if you’re seeing even a single flea on your pet, you need to assume a few things right away:
1. You didn’t see anywhere near the full number on the pet.
2. You haven’t seen the much higher numbers of eggs and larva in the environment.
3. Things will get worse before they get better as those eggs mature into new adult fleas, even if you kill the current adults.

Topical parasite prevention is the -best- way to protect your pets from bringing these nasty parasites into your home to begin with. Treating the house with a premise spray is a critical part of breaking the flea’s life cycle. Products provided by your veterinarian, guaranteed by the manufacturer, are your best bet for prevention and treatment.

Read more about fleas here.

555px Ctenocephalides canis


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