Thursday News – Foreign Body Ingestion

Today’s news post will be a pair of links to interesting photo galleries. Both of them show the kinds of objects that veterinarians have found in pets’ stomachs. From rocks to knives, they’re some pretty astonishing radiographs. Have a look! And then check around the house for missing items…

Crazy Canine X-Rays @ NYDN

Gallery of Bizarre Objects Consumed @ NYDN



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2 responses to “Thursday News – Foreign Body Ingestion

  1. Chris Miner

    OMG, I will never complain about the mischief Ellie gets into ever again!

  2. Yeah, the occasional violation of Rule #1 doesn’t seem so bad, does it? 😉 Compared to the bread knife, especially. Jeeze!!

    PS- Rule #1 is “Don’t eat poop.” 😉

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