What makes a difference?

I often have a hard time knowing what’s useful about my blog posts. I’ve covered a lot of topics over the last couple of years, most of which got a little interest. Feedback from readers ranges from positive to, shall we say, very negative. Blogging requires a thick skin, which I’ve had to develop over time. As a side note, I don’t screen out negative comments. I do try to address concerns or feedback. The most important thing is, in my opinion, to provide accurate and helpful information.

Two posts have far surpassed the others in terms of reader response.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy was an educational post about heart disease. The responses are generally positive. This one really met the objectives of the blog, which makes me happy. If I can make a rough diagnosis any easier for an owner, then the post was well worth writing.

The Bloat/Torsion post was the opposite response. The topic is very controversial to begin with, so I’m not too surprised. There was some great interaction with another vet involved, too. This post is a great example of how the body of scientific knowledge on a topic can change over time. If we aren’t open to asking more questions, we’ll never learn more. It can be very difficult to interpret studies and research reports, especially when the conclusions drawn in the paper are different from commonly held beliefs.

These two posts are a great indication of the usefulness of the blog. Whether I’m aiming for some healthy debate, or to teach, the driving reason is to make a difference for the readers. The excellent side bonus is that when I write about a topic, I do a lot of research to make sure I’ve got a good understanding before I start writing.

Thank you, as always, for reading! I know this is a very short post for a Sunday, but stay tuned! I have a bonus post in the works that will update the status of my fish tank project.


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