Through a Cat’s Eyes

I’m headed up for a family birthday party today, so I’ve kept a sort-of-news post in store for today. It’s well worth checking out and reading the whole link.

The linked article from Wired magazine is a set of photos taken and then altered to match what scientists believe is the visual capacity of a cat. In other words, this is how we think cats see the world.

What dogs and cats see is one of the most common questions I hear. They’re not completely color blind, but they see fewer colors than we do. They’re also not as precise with their sight (they’re not 20/20), but they’re better at seeing motion. Lastly, they’re definitely able to see in low-light conditions much better than we are.

Follow this link to learn more and to see the world the way cats do.


400px Cats Eye 004



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2 responses to “Through a Cat’s Eyes

  1. Chris Miner

    That’s a surprise! I’ve always thought cats could see everything better than we do, not just in dim light. Sure wish I had kitty night vision.

  2. It would be neat to have their night vision, without a doubt!