Jerky Treats Still Making Pets Sick

We received notice from the FDA that they’re asking for help in working on the continuing problem of jerky treats making pets sick. This has been an ongoing issue since about 2007. If you’re not familiar with the issue, or have questions, I’ll provide a couple of links to the FDA’s excellent resourcs.

In the short term, I advise *NOT* feeding meat jerky treats to your pets. There is suspicion that something in the treats is causing the trouble, but scientists still aren’t sure what it is. While that seems hard to believe, bear in mind that while we all accept that grapes and raising are dangerous to pets, we’re still not sure what the toxin is there, either. The best way to avoid trouble is to avoid the treats.

Here’s the official FDA Jerky Treat page, with news and information.

And here’s a direct link to an info sheet (PDF format) put together by the FDA.

If you feel your pet has been harmed by jerky treats of any kind, please notify your veterinarian! The more data we can generate for the FDA investigation, the better.


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