Thursday News – Jerky Treats Again

I’m sharing a link to another Jerky Treat article recently posted online. I think the issue is still important, especially since scientists haven’t yet figured out why these jerky treats are causing problems for pets. The most current recommendation is to avoid meat jerky treats for sure. this article’s warning extends to sweet potato jerky treats, too. Over 600 deaths have resulted from jerky treats. Take it seriously! I’ll keep the latest information up on the blog!

Here’s the article.


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One response to “Thursday News – Jerky Treats Again

  1. Chris Miner

    I’m not surprised to see Sweet Potato Jerky treats added to the list. As you know, Ellie will eat anything that isn’t nailed down; but, for some reason, those sweet potato treats didn’t agree with her. Fortunately for us now, we eliminated all jerky treats years ago.