Aquarium Update

I had initially planned to write up a photo post that walked you through our anesthesia protocol, but it turns out I’ve already done one. Check back here for that post.

Santa stopped by early this year to have me test out a new camera lens. It’s working beautifully for my tanks. It’s also a huge help indoors for wider-angle shots. Anyway, the byproduct here is that I have some new images from my tanks to share.

Up first is my school of Black Neon Tetras. They’re a nice complement to the Cardinal Tetras. Interestingly, the two types don’t school together. They’re very color-biased most of the time.

Aquarium 20131214 3
This next shot is one of my original Cardinal Tetras. I’m reasonably sure it’s a female given size and body shape. This makes her the oldest surviving member of my community tank. Way back when I had a few of these fish die, I discovered that they only live one year in the wild. I got these fish as full adults, meaning this one in particular is now over 2 years of age and seems to be doing alright!

Aquarium 20131214 5
This massive snail is nearly 2.5″ across the shell. It’s one of a trio that I purchased at a fish auction from one of the local clubs. I -think- this is called an Apple Snail. No eggs this time, so I’m uncertain, but it looks exactly like one of the others that I had. They’re also sometimes called mystery snails. The little red shrimp hitching a ride is a Neocardinia heteropoda. They come in several color variations. This is one of my better red individuals. They come in yellow, orange, brown, white, blue, and quite a few other striped patterns. They breed like crazy in my smaller two tanks. I’m not planning to put them in the huge 150 tank.

Aquarium 20131214 21
A new inhabitant in my tank is one of a pair of male Furcata Rainbow fish (Pseudomugil furcatus). I have two males that coexist well. Now and then they posture at one another or with my danios. None of this ever comes to a true fight or fin nipping.

Aquarium 20131214 27

I think I posted an image of my favorite fish in the tank before. This is a male Celestial Pearl Danio (Danio margaritatus). I will probably have a school of these in the big tank when I finally add livestock.

Aquarium 20131214 43

Last is a recent shot of the 30 gallon tank in my living room. It needs a little work with the landscaping of the plants. The water chemistry is changing over time so I’ve been having to make a lot of adjustments. This isn’t unusual, just challenging!
Aquarium 20131214 51

This last image is the tiny 10 gallon tank in my office. I only keep my one bushy-nosed albino ancistrus plecostamus in here. He’s been quite a pushy brat lately. I built him a cave out of a small mason jar and some rocks. He decided he’d rather destroy some of the landscaping. Using just his tail and fins, he’s dug out a cave under a piece of driftwood with some anubias plants on it. Now he goes from place to place, chasing the shrimp out of his favorite hiding spots. For a 3″ fish, he’s got a lot of personality. (Secretly, he’s my favorite individual fish.)

This tank also has an experimental bit of landscaping in the form of a tree. The wood is anchored to a piece of slate. I’ve attached some java moss to the branches to make it look like a tree. I don’t want to throw out the other types of plants I have in this tank, but eventually I’ll move them to one of the other tanks so that I can do a less heterogenous planting. In the meantime, this tank is preserving a couple of unique specimens in my collection as well as a safe breeding ground for the little red shrimp.
Aquarium 20131214 69

So that’s the state of the latest obsession in my life!

I wish all of you safe and happy Holidays!



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2 responses to “Aquarium Update

  1. Chris Miner

    Wow, great tanks! These pix are of the 30-gallon and 10-gallon tanks only; right? The water is so clear, and the fish are obviously enjoying a healthy life together. Good job! Looking forward to pix of the 150-gallon tank whenever that one is ready for its debut 🙂

  2. Yes, these are the 30 and 10. The big tank will be ready for the next stage in about a month. I’m sooooo ready to get to work on it!