How to pick a safe toy

Pet supply stores make me cringe. There are innumerable choices with little to no information that helps owners decide on which product is best. Whether it’s food, toys, leashes, houses, etc., it’s hard to know what’s really safe for pets. The AVMA has put together a short video about picking safe and appropriate toys for pets. Have a look! It’s sound information.



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2 responses to “How to pick a safe toy

  1. Chris Miner

    Good video! There are so many things on the market that aren’t safe, but look like fun. They listed rawhide as an acceptable chew toy, though. Isn’t rawhide a no-no?

  2. Good question! The video -showed- what to use, but didn’t say it clearly. I do NOT recommend big, thick, or knotted rawhide bones. They’re too tough and will break teeth. The dog in the video was given a large chip/sheet of rawhide, which will have some flexibility and be far less likely to cause any damage. So, in short, flat flexy rawhide is ok. Big bones are not.