Thursday News – Dental Health Question

Today’s news story is about the difference anesthesia makes when cleaning a pet’s teeth. Don’t forget that February is Pet Dental Health Month. This is a quick, easy read that shows the clear benefits of a professional anesthetized evaluation and treatment of a pet’s mouth and dental disease.

Is it safe to clean a dog’s teeth without anesthesia?



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2 responses to “Thursday News – Dental Health Question

  1. Chris Miner

    Yikes! Since anesthesia can be trigger a seizure in epileptic dogs, I’m going to brush Ellie’s teeth right now. Brushing her teeth should be a daily habit, just like brushing mine. (I need to repeat this mantra to myself every day.)

  2. Brushing teeth daily is the best way to avoid the stress and (usually low) risk of anesthesia. Ellie’s a special case because of her seizures, which is even more motivation for us to find other ways to keep her teeth clean. If the brushing doesn’t go well, there are other options!