Local News – Detroit Zoo Gorillas

This week’s news article comes from the Detroit Zoo. The head veterinarian, Ann Duncan, cares for the zoo’s residents. One of the biggest jobs she has is to keep an eye on the heart health of the gorillas. Heart disease is a major concern for captive gorillas, so the zoo has worked on training the animals to have their hearts looked at via ultrasound. All of this is done without anesthesia — no darts, no drugs, just training!

Here’s a link to the article written by Robin Erb at the Freep.



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2 responses to “Local News – Detroit Zoo Gorillas

  1. Chris Miner

    That is so cool. I love how the gorillas want to cooperate…most of the time. Teamwork between two species 🙂 Love it!

  2. Please order visitors to behave and most of all quiet, just as are the animals.
    Make sure they get a proper diet.
    Zoos must turn into sanctuaries for the well being of the animals, peace,
    quiet, and privacy.