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Two weeks ago I was in Boston for some family business. I took part of a day to visit the New England Aquarium. It was pretty impressive! The center of the facility was a multiple-story coral reef. There was a spiral ramp around it that let you walk from bottom to top. The reef was teeming with life. Very cool. Around the spiral ramp the rest of the building housed regional tanks with salt and freshwater species from around the world.

Of course, I took a ton of photos. Here are a few:




NewEnglAq_20140228_157 This is a shark egg case with a light behind it. The dark shadow inside the orange area is a baby shark.


NewEnglAq_20140228_163 This little guy is a cuttlefish. Check out the W-shaped pupil!



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2 responses to “Photo Post

  1. Chris Miner

    Wow, gorgeous! I’ve never been there. Did it inspire you to add any new features to your mega-tank? Looking forward to the next update on that one, too 🙂

  2. There were some great freshwater tanks, too — they didn’t photograph well unfortunately. I did get some inspiring ideas! The big tank is in an idle pattern for a bit longer. I’ve finally settled on which lights I’m going to buy, so that’s the next step…