Be Kind, Rewind!

Remember that slogan? Back in the days of VHS tapes for rent, the rental stores would put a sticker on the tapes to remind renters to rewind. That way, the next renter wouldn’t have to do so before watching the movie. The advent of DVDs rapidly put the rewind campaign out of commission.

This week, I’d like to suggest that we resurrect that slogan and put it to a new purpose. Wind-out leashes. I’m sure I’ve gone on this rant before, but it bears repeating.

Explicitly stated, wind-out leashes are dangerous to dogs and people. They don’t protect dogs from other dogs or unsafe spots (like the road). The danger to people comes from the cords being wrapped around limbs or objects in the environment.

Those leashes are a nightmare in our waiting room. I’ve never seen a dog under good, safe control with a leash that’s 15′ long. In an environment where pets may be scared or sick, or there are dogs and cats, kids and strange people, normally well-behaved dogs may not behave well. When an incident happens, precious seconds are lost trying to get the leashes to rewind.

Lastly, those leads are horrible for good training strategy. I had a chance yesterday to speak with one of our excellent local dog trainers. The consensus was simple: those leashes are a bad idea.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s another long article discussing wind-out leashes and the approaches that some communities are taking to address their concerns.

It’s far easier to remember the slogan, though: Be Kind, Rewind!



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3 responses to “Be Kind, Rewind!

  1. Val Lewis

    A big AMEN. Flex leashes are every training club’s nightmare as well.

  2. Karen Wahls

    These leashes are dangerous to people and other animals including, of course, your own dog.
    When someone is walking a dog most of that time the dog should be at heel, not 12 feet away from its person.
    Good advice as always, Dr. H. Karen Wahls

  3. Chris Miner

    Amen! Let me join you in that rant. How many dogs have been too far out on a flexible leash when they bolted sideways, heading into the street in front of an oncoming car? How many dogs have been injured when they got tangled up? Let’s put all of those leashes in a big pile, and set them on fire!