Veterinary Care

This blog is purely for educational purposes and is not intended to diagnose or offer treatments for any specific patients or problems. This blog does NOT confer a valid client-patient-veterinarian relationship, which is necessary to administer treatment or prescribe medications to a pet. Every pet deserves individualized care based on examination by trained veterinary professionals.

If you believe your pet is sick, please seek care with a veterinarian so that a proper physical examination can be performed and appropriate diagnostics/treatments can be offered. Pet Authority clients should contact the hospital to schedule appointments or to have questions answered. The blog is NOT monitored frequently.

Information Privacy

Privacy of medical and personal information is extremely important to Pet Authority. No medical information from an actual patient will be presented unless express written permission is given by the client/guardian. Any information collected, such as email addresses, will never be given to a third party, unless required by law.


All comments are reviewed by the moderator(s) before they are published. There will be a delay between when a comment is submitted and when it will appear on the blog. The moderator(s) reserve the right to delete or deny publication of, without notice or explanation, any comment that is abusive, profane, disrespectful, or disruptive.

Contact Information

The author(s) of the blog can be contacted by email. Replies may take several days.

Pet Authority Animal Hospital
4588 Walton
Waterford, MI 48329
(248) 673-1288


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